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Wantt was built to try and take the admin out of gifting for birthdays, Christmas etc.

Create a list, add items and share it with anyone you like. List viewers can mark off what they would like to get you, without you seeing anything change, keeping it a surprise for you! Other viewers can see what has already been bought so there's no duplicates

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Hey all - I'm excited to launch my first project on Product Hunt 🎉. Wantt is the result of my desire to want to learn to code and build a real product that would solve my problem. The idea for this came directly from a pain-point I was having in my life with managing gifting for birthdays and Christmas in my family (first-world problems I know..). I knew there were other apps and websites that did this type of stuff, however my goal wasn't to try and replace these, It was purely to learn to code and see if I could release a product that could solve this problem. You can read about the story here https://medium.com/swlh/building... I hope you guys get some use out of it. Please leave any feedback or ideas you have here or in the Trello board I set up here https://trello.com/invite/b/SFkh...
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@nick__reynolds amazing work! 💪 Funny thing – a couple of years ago, I also decided to learn how to code, and I _also_ decided to work on an online wish list. I created www.halusta.com :) What's your tech stack? I really like the name, Wantt.it!
@daniel_friis Haha nice one man! Your app is really nice, and has some features I want to try and build next. E.g. importing product details etc. Well done! Did you try and monetise it at all? The tech stack is node, Express, mongodb, bulma css, and no front-end js framework yet. How about yours?
@nick__reynolds Thanks, appreciate it :) Using Nokogiri to scrape product information. I want to move to a setup with selenium to better support js-powered sites. I did with affiliate links. But it doesn't amount to much. Was thinking about adding premium functionality. My stack is ruby, rails, postgresql, bootstrap 4.
Seems like a really cool idea but I don't think I could bring myself to send my friends a list of stuff I want.
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@josh_tristram thanks. Yeah it’s not for everyone. Some people just don’t have this existing behaviour when gifting.
Can you share a link to your Wantt list, @nick__reynolds? I could imagine this being used by organizations requesting their community to contribute something to a charity or support specific individuals in need.
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@rrhoover This is one of my lists https://www.wantt.it/lists/5b0d8... No birthday, wedding or baby shower for me anytime soon so mine will be a slow build up 😜 Yes that would be a great use case! I would love to see this being used for more than just a family/friends gifting thing, and doing something like that. Maybe a "Wantt page" for a homeless person that people can gift to or something. Sometimes clothes and everyday items can be more impactful than money!
Is using public Trello boards common for collecting feedback? Looks like a brilliant idea!
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Actually, it's not editable by non-wantt team members, only viewable.
@maxim_leonovich damn - good spot. Will change it ASAP. Cheers
@maxim_leonovich Apparently the only way Trello lets you do this is if you enable people to join via a link. Here it is https://trello.com/invite/b/SFkh...
Nice one! Will definitely try this at Christmas, always a nightmare with a large and disorganised family
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