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Gillian Morris
CEO, Hitlist
Wandertab has a fun history - I met @kvakes at a hackathon and we built a hack that replaced your boring new tab with a beautiful picture *and* data on flight pricing (more here: http://techcrunch.com/2015/06/18...). Today Wandertab has about 10k daily active users and has inspired a few flattering imitators (https://chrome.google.com/websto...). The new version introduces one of the most-requested features, the ability to change your home airport, a revamped design, and an upgraded set of images that will make travel even more irresistible.
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Aswini AnburajanSocial Data Collective
One of the most creative tab extensions out there -- captures the ethos of social/viral content -- gorgeous images, human desire and simple ux
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Louis MonoyudisStart-Up COO and Head of BD
Wandertab is great. The pictures are beautiful and a little mental vacation while online is always welcome!
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Asbjørn AndersenFounder, madmarkedet.dk
In addition to a neat extension i'm also browsing the Hitlist app itself. Didn't know it existed. Very nice!
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How do you get version 2.0? All I'm able to see is version 1.2.5.
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