To-the-point travel pro tips. A lot of them.


Unlock the world with Wanderprep: straightforward travel advice on gear, apps, and gotchas. We sift through all the junk for you to uncover the best ways to get more from all the money and time you invest in traveling.

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Tom Wahlin
Andrew Mok
Arno Moonens
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  • Pros: 

    Beautifully designed, clean and concise information


    Give me more!

    It's great to see a website that caters to the digital and tech savvy traveler.

    I'm sick of having to scroll through tons of websites to determine if the sources recommendations match my needs. This saves me time and has an element of trust to it.

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  • Robert Stojnic
    Robert StojnicCEO, Atlas ML

    Could be really useful!


    Seems a bit too salesy, would be better if it focuses more on tips and mentioned products in passing.

    Would be cool if there was more practical tips. E.g. could I put my typical suitcase weight/size, and you suggest me how to pack less, or fit more stuff?

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  • Andrew Mok
    Andrew MokCMO, Turo

    Clean UX, straightforward travel advice, no BS


    More content!

    Refreshing to find travel recs that don’t require sorting through everybody and their grandma’s reviews. Just gimme the answer!!! That’s Wanderprep.

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  • Kevin Lou
    Kevin LouExperience @ Italic

    Clear suggestions + simple & beautiful design


    No downsides! 💯

    This, paired with Basetrip, will be my go-to websites when traveling.

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  • Dapinder

    Sorry i didn't find any pros


    Just another website full of affiliate links

    I didn't find this website useful at all. It is just promoting amazon products and exploiting producthunt traffic to earn some affiliate commission.

    Dapinder has used this product for one day.