Unlock the world with Wanderprep: straightforward travel advice on gear, apps, and gotchas. We sift through all the junk for you to uncover the best ways to get more from all the money and time you invest in traveling.

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👋 Hi PH, I’m Jono, the indie hacker behind Wanderprep. I’ve always been an obsessive researcher that tries to optimize _everything_: the gear and apps I use, the restaurants I eat at, my todo habits, my jean pockets that I tailored to fit my 6S Plus, etc. to the point my friends constantly ask me for recommendations. When I started traveling with Remote Year and doing the whole digital nomad thing last year, outside of some city guides I was pretty disappointed by a lot of the travel resources I found. The recs were often mediocre and were written with too much fluff because their business model incentivizes clicks/PVs. At the same time, I had become a huge fan of the new wave of millennial focused publishers like theSkimm and the Hustle that wrote in a more entertaining and engaging way. Between all of that, I started to think there might be an opportunity to create a travel resource that’s high quality and straightforward while still being entertaining. After interviewing dozens of travelers, I decided to make it myself. If you want to get nerdy, my long term vision for Wanderprep is a TL;DR version of Nerdwallet, Wirecutter, and the Hustle combined but for travel. There’s still a long way to go, but I’m looking forward to the journey. If you had any thoughts I’d love to hear them and I’m also happy to answer any questions! Jono
Watch out Wirecutter!
Awesome vision - would be great to have some destination specific content!
This looks very helpful as a frequent traveler, particularly in the Apps & Services section if you keep it up to date. You might even consider adding a section in there along the lines of "new apps to check out". I'm always looking for new apps to make traveling easier and less stressful. Nice work @jobosapien! P.S. I really enjoyed the tone of the website - the little quips are funny and shows you don't take yourself too seriously
@nneuman Great idea! Yeah, I've been thinking similarly a "promising newcomers" section could be interesting.

Refreshing to find travel recs that don’t require sorting through everybody and their grandma’s reviews. Just gimme the answer!!! That’s Wanderprep.


Clean UX, straightforward travel advice, no BS


More content!