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Hi all! I built Wanderling over New Years Eve weekend, finally bringing to life the tool I've wanted for the last few years. I posted about the story behind it here: https://blog.jennvargas.com/intr... Happy to answer any questions!
Hello! Nice! Let me introduce our Eightydays.me, we've been creating this over 2 years and launched 4 weeks ago

@ethnoza looks awesome! there might be some cool ways we could partner. Our content is pretty complementary πŸ‘
@jennjenn definitely, could you please send me mail aleh@eightydays.me
Very interesting platform! The upvote mechanism makes all the difference. Are you planning to personalize the experience? E.g. I'd love to filter by budget. Anyways, great job. Feel free to reach out if you're open for collaborations!
@e_reder Thanks so much! Personalization would be awesome down the line. It's definitely on the to do list. I'd love to chat about collabs. Shoot me a dm @wanderlingdotco?
This is very cool. Congrats @jennvargas!
@gregcohn thanks so much!