Wander 2.0

Travel destinations that fit your budget

Hi makers & hunters,

Wander is a travel destination search engine that allows you to quickly find where you can get to.

This is the 2nd big iteration we made on the product and after listening to our users - we improved accuracy, design and we also automagically build your travel package.

we would to hear your feedback.

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Awesome service, totally recommend it for traveling options
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@trnd What do you like most about it?
@abadesi cool interface and design with many options to choose form. one thing to improve though is to have this service with more languages for non english speakers
@abadesi @trnd Well, one of the things on our to do list is to add more languages, but before scaling - it is important for us to get the suggestions and pricing right
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Hi product peeps. It has been a year since we were first hunted by @kristofertm and since than, we've taken much of the feedback, analytics, talks with random people and we would like to present our next travel product iteration. Our premise is pretty simple - enter your budget and see where you can get to, it's a problem that me and my wife @noa_bar_noy encountered in our lives, and wanted to solve. So what's in this new fangled version? - We completely re-designed and streamlined the UI (or so we hope) - We've added an automatic 'travel package builder', which tries to compose a travel from scratch (flight + hotel), based on many criteria (and soon... ML). - We improved the accuracy and quality of results ( we were naive, thinking it was easy ;) ) If there's anything you think we should be improving, please let us know, we have a large endless list, but our users always take precedence :)
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I was hesitant at first to try another travel search app but I enjoyed my first experience. On first search it recommended a variety of destinations that I didn't think were within budget. It knew to default to Dublin airport based on IP address, however I wish it defaulted to EUR currency to match departure country. Of course there is always a need for more filters like hotel location and amenities (always search for free WiFi, A/C sometimes, and free breakfast is nice). I think the search by Budget is the stand-out feature so I'm not sure why search by Destination is necessary. I tried searching by destination but I often prefer by country and not city like how Skyscanner supports. Also I noticed that when clicking through to book a room, the Booking.com affiliate link didn't select my dates. I assume there is more good features to come so I'll certainly use it again to get ideas for places that I didn't realize were possible given a set of dates and budget. Thanks!
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@meliovation It should default to EUR currency, we are going to check that :) Good note about amenity search, we have some, but it is a far cry from perfect.
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Great travel tool for a broke college student :'). Not sure if this is possible, but it would be great to incorporate airbnb's somehow, since those prices can be even cheaper than the hotels!
@dbrereton currently we work with booking.com which also provides apartment listings, not only hotels, some of which appear both on airbnb and booking. in-fact the way nost rentals work is that they use PMS software which distributes the same listing to many providers. so we do want to add more providers, but it does not necessarily mean that prices will be cheaper :)
@itaisagi Oh I see. Another thing I was thinking is that the trip budget is only used for flight and hotel info at the moment. It would be a more accurate reflection of trip cost if it somehow included the price of getting around / food etc. That way I could say "I want a $600 trip" and it would give me a place that I can fly to, get a hotel, get transport, see sights, and get food all for $600.
cool product guys, I founded a product related to travel as well. Would love to hear your feedback. https://www.producthunt.com/post...