Ondevan Campervan

Making unforgettable road trips easy!

Ondevan is a new way to affordable adventure that gives you the freedom and the space for everything you need for your road trip on budget

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Hello Product Hunters! Thanks for checking out Ondevan Campervan! Our mission is to give travelers a fun option to explore Florida and the rest of the states. We have already launched our website and are in operation here in Florida and so far the feedback has been great. Our plan is to add more campervans for next year and keep building our community of roadtrippers and adventurers. Feel free to ask any questions here, and thanks for @mdorsett for hunting us! - Omar
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@omar_bendezu For a European it sounds like a good alternative to simply a car and motels! Would be great to somehow get the west coast as an option as well, but that's probably a pretty long way into the future. By the way, would it even be possible for a European to rent this? :)
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@martinsanton Hi Martin, thanks for your feedback! Actually most of our renters pick up our camper to go to The Keys. Also, more than %50 percent for our customers come from Europe! :)
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@omar_bendezu I mean the west coast, California etc. And cool with Europe. I'll consider this for next year!
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I have been going back and forth with Omar for several months trying to plan a vacation for my wife and I. I finally have it booked for this coming January and he has been very patient and helpful the entire time. I haven't gone on the trip yet but based solely on the customer service I have received, I would already recommend this company to anyone I know.


Fantastic customer service. Very helpful in planning my trip


Haven't gone yet but I would imagine the size constraints