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Hey! Me and my friend Luka were making a lot parties at our home during the weekends (sometimes over 30 people would come to our home) and figured if we could actually start charging people to attend our parties in sort of sophisticated way. ( It was basically just a page with a picture of people dancing to waltz and "buy a party pass" button.) There are costs associated with organization of the house party and it was always a hustle to collect the money from attendees. With Waltz it's easy to list your party place, sell tickets and collect money. So we figured opening idea to other people and see if someone might use it for the same purpose. Thanks for checking out what we've built! Peace
@marko_is 30 people!? Impressive.
Alternative tagline: Airbnb for parties πŸŽ‰ Very cool idea. What's the most creative/unique party you've seen hosted on Waltz so far, @marko_is / @l_zivkovic10?
@l_zivkovic10 @rrhoover Thanks Ryan!πŸ™Œ That would work too :) We've seen some interesting ones, one in particular that came to my attention is this one in Miami: "Are you Batman enough? - Batman theme party" https://gowaltz.com/listings/146... πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
How do you plan to maintain a safe community?
Hi @tprophet. Good question. At the moment, Waltz has several layers of safety for our users. In the future, we are looking to add even more layers. 1) We have review and recommendation system within the app. There are reviews of the guests and recommendations of the party hosts. 2) Party hosts are able to approve/cancel attendance requests from guests as they see fit. 3) Guests are able to exactly see who's attending the party. 4) We offer ID verification for every user. 5) Every user needs to complete a profile with personal information and profile photo in order to buy a party pass or to host a party. 6) We're closely monitoring any violations of our Hosting, Guest & Safety Standards.
This is an interesting idea. Congrats on the launch
@pmcpinto Thanks a lot Pedro! :)
Seems in line with Airbnb Experiences or Party with a Local. Thoughts on those outlets?
@chrismessina Hi Chris. Both great services, but I would say they have a different use case. Our focus is exclusively on facilitating transactions between local party hosts (who are party organizers) and party guests. PWL focuses on finding people nearby to go on a party together, while Airbnb Entertainment Experiences are mostly about going to the music gigs of the local musicians or to nightclubs.
@marko_is right on, makes sense. Seems like Airbnb could expand to cover your use case if it catches on though...