The hottest videos from Reddit in the last 24 hours πŸ“ΊπŸ”₯

Walnut surfaces the hottest videos from reddit and groups them by the topic, so you can watch what you feel like. You also can search videos from YouTube or choose a specific subreddit to watch. πŸ“Ί
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Well, this looks like a time suck! πŸ˜‚ @gianpaj, are you simply aggregating the most upvoted videos for each day?
@rrhoover at the moment we're compiling few sub-reddits into topics and then sorting mixing the videos through from those. And yes they're sorted by Reddit's "hot" algorithm
@rrhoover there are actually a lot of scientific and educative videos, so this is not really a simply entertaining experience. i like to listen to lectures there, learn about permaculture and woodworking. its more of a hobby based tv )
Looks like a new concept! It doesn't seem to work right now: > Sorry, there was an error retrieving videos in /general
@alexberegszaszi maybe there was an issue with Reddit's API. seems to work now for me. i'll ping you in pm
Cool concept but the site does not want to load on Brave browser (works fine on Chrome). Also mobile experience is not the best, but i hope you can improve on this first version. Three quick questions: 1. How often is the site updated? 2. Can a user go through the archives or is it limited? Right now for each topic there appears to be a limited number of videos available on the left nav. 3. Apart from topics do you have any plans to provide other filter options? This site reminds me a lot of another product i really like https://neverthink.tv - @gianpaj would love to hear more about your future plans with this
@madebyildi Thanks! Improvements are coming, this is 0.1 version. 1 short answer - depends on a subreddit. each topic has different sources, and each source is updated with different frequency 2 no archives, it is meant to be like tv - if you missed it, its gone 3 atm there is search on top right corner (youtube/reddit), but no plans to make any filters, other then topic (do you have any suggestions maybe?) Nevethink is great, but we want to be more of a hobby based, crowdsourced tv )
@madebyildi I've checked the Brave browser. For some reason it thinks Reddit's API is an Ad or Tracker and it's blocking that. Unblocking those fixes the site
Love the site! Recommendation: also make it into an email newsletter :)