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Ryan HooverFounder, Product Hunt
Walmart and Amazon have always been competitors, but they're colliding even more as Walmart further expands to digital and Amazon goes physical.
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Justin JohnsonI've got a few things going on...
@rrhoover was a previous client of mine. Historically .com and retails stores operated very separately, but seem to be finding their footing in working together. While some investments like Vudu haven't taken off, Walmart Labs has a ton in the hopper and are paying out the nose for top talent (with competitors like YouTube right across the street).
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Justin Potts
Co-founder of Avenify
Another interesting (though not surprising) move by Walmart to take on Amazon. Just started listening to audiobooks on Audible, so I'll be curious to see how the experience compares.
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Audible needs competition. I welcome this. On that note: anyone have another audio book app recommendation?
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Meh, still not much cheaper, nor formatted better, than audible.