Hide messages in the real world using augmented reality

#1 Product of the DayFebruary 07, 2016
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I see BIG potentials here! This could be a new way of individual advertising, or even by big corporates.. I love it :')
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it'seems unnecessary and wonderful like all early stage of big things. I love it
Awesome product - this will be fun (can't wait to see the first marriage proposal someone uses this for - or even a wicked city wide treasure hunt!)
@stefano_iotti Again, this is great with much untapped potential, and I am trying to grasp the greater concept behind it as a marketing tool because it is definitely there. Here is my current mental road block: The ability to hide something in plain site seems to be the driving concept behind what WallaMe is and its greatest strength. If so, it seems that will also be its greatest usage by companies that have a niche of exclusive marketing. But as a marketing strategy corporate or private, it seems this will first be used with public availability, like a group of teenagers to hide the address of, I don't know, a party for instance from their parents on a frequently passed by outside building wall, and then as this is adopted by more and more, the users looking to hide something in plain site will have to switch to private invitation views only to maintain the hidden in plain sight concept. At that point, what why would someone choose WallaMe over say, just a group message to someone?
@thestemado Valentine's Day just around the corner, great launch timing!
@thestemado I have always thought an augmented reality treasure hunt would be a blast
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@sirioz @stefano_iotti This looks great! Is it possible to really see other walls/messages nearby through the camera or is it more like a snapshot thing?
@philipkuklis walls/messages are geolocalized in the place where you shot it. Other people can see them just going on that place and looking through the AR visor.
@sirioz @philipkuklis There isn't any sort of pattern recognition going on?
@lynnfredricks there is, we create a "features map" of the image, so we can match it when someone point the AR visor/camera on it.
@lynnfredricks Yes. If you want to get a good result you have to choose a wall (a target) that does not change over time: trees, sky, people and animals are not good targets as they move and change. Good targets are paintings, signs, sharp images...