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WalkWoke is the first iOS app that aligns emotionally charged social and political art with customizable slogans to drive change at marches, protests, rallies and online in social media. The app was designed by artists to create visual depictions of resistance to policies that harm women, immigrants and others. Download, customize & print today!

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Pablo Gamba
Nicolas Santa
Leandro Henflen
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  • Marco
    MarcoHIV Activist & Documentary Filmmaker

    A gesture of solidarity with communities marginalized and targeted by this administration. It is a good beginning!


    It needs to diversify art, language, and issues that are affecting folks in the margins right now.

    I think women's rights selection looks great but categories may evolve with time. As of now I feel should emphasize our struggles around racial justice, healthcare, HIV/Aids, Immigration, Muslim issues, Sex workers rights, LGB issues and a Transgeder section especially Trans Women of Color, unfortunately, that community that experience violence like no other group at a global scale.

    And offer other languages, language justice it is vital nowdays!

    Thanks again for this effort!

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  • Leandro Henflen
    Leandro HenflenFounder, VP Digital Product at Tangelo

    Ease of use


    More artwork

    Just download it and give it a try.

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  • Pablo Gamba
    Pablo GambaCTO, Tangelo

    Great artwork templates to start creating the signs!


    Would love to see social features soon

    This first version is great. Can't wait to see more updates features soon!

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  • Eduardo Macias
    Eduardo MaciasIdearama CEO and Sniper Canvas author

    Great designs!!! Easy and fun!


    Nothing at this time

    Love it!

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  • Tara Carter
    Tara CarterCOO, Tangelo

    Easy to use, emotionally charging artwork, will be very helpful in my future protests!


    Add additional categories and posters

    Loved the Women's Rights artwork!

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  • Brett Johnson
    Brett JohnsonAnalyst, Community Health Network

    Powerful artwork!!


    Consider adding additional topics, such as domestic violence.

    I printed the I Am America poster today. Stunning!

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  • Rob Hamilton
    Rob HamiltonFreelancer

    beautiful protest artwork


    Add more topics

    Add more posters and more topics

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