Easily create, share & print powerful protest signs!

WalkWoke is the first iOS app that aligns emotionally charged social and political art with customizable slogans to drive change at marches, protests, rallies and online in social media. The app was designed by artists to create visual depictions of resistance to policies that harm women, immigrants and others. Download, customize & print today!

  • Marco
    MarcoHIV Activist & Documentary Filmmaker

    A gesture of solidarity with communities marginalized and targeted by this administration. It is a good beginning!


    It needs to diversify art, language, and issues that are affecting folks in the margins right now.

    I think women's rights selection looks great but categories may evolve with time. As of now I feel should emphasize our struggles around racial justice, healthcare, HIV/Aids, Immigration, Muslim issues, Sex workers rights, LGB issues and a Transgeder section especially Trans Women of Color, unfortunately, that community that experience violence like no other group at a global scale.

    And offer other languages, language justice it is vital nowdays!

    Thanks again for this effort!

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  • Leandro Henflen
    Leandro HenflenFounder, VP Digital Product at Tangelo

    Ease of use


    More artwork

    Just download it and give it a try.

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This app is our way to give and support the different causes and to protest creatively. We, at Tangelo, want to share our values with the community with this tool. We want artists and people in general to upload your own artwork to raise your voice on your cause.
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WalkWoke is the first iOs app for creating and printing art-based protest signs. The artwork is amazing and aims to inspire empathy and political activism through powerful printable and shareable original art posters (one of my favorites is the "Women Speak Out." Our passion behind the app is a reflection of our history. The app was developed from a culmination of our diverse teams’ unique experiences with Women’s Rights and the Resistance Movement including: sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence, and injustices to immigrants and minority groups. The posters and artwork are designed to be used in marches and rallies, like the upcoming Women’s March. They are also beautiful, frameable pieces of art to commemorate this unique chapter of resistance in our country’s history. Anyone can submit artwork, including children! Kids will learn how to design and print their own protest poster and become educated and empowered in the process. https://www.walkwoke.com/submit-... Make a Difference - Join the Resistance!
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I love the idea, I think it's quite unique. Great job makers! I'm an Android user so I haven't had a change to give it a test run yet, but so far the pictures are captivating! Is the monetization mostly happening through printing protest artwork? Is there also an affiliate commission for users who share artwork and get purchases?
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@jerryalex Thanks for your feedback, Jerry. Good questions re monitization. As of now there is no cost tied to the app and actions within the app (so no purchases) - we want to help build momentum for causes in the Resistance Movement. Viewing artwork in all Resistance Movement channels (women's rights, immigration rights, environmental issues, etc) has no charge. There's also no charge to save posters you create (either to your camera roll or store in the app's gallery), share them on social media or print them (A3 or A4 poster dimensions). Users have to pay for their own printing :) We are discussing possible future customization additions that are tied to costs - such as cost-based custom channels, cost-based features, etc
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@tara_m_carter Thanks Tara! I'll definitely be following
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Nice way to profit from division, civil unrest and misplaced hatred I suppose, but I thought part of the fun for protestors was physically putting the catchy one liner on the poster board to show they care enough about something that they dedicated __ hours to arts & crafts?
@kcucchia Hi Kenny, The art pieces are templates that are customized by the user. Users add their own slogans, with their chosen font and color. The example images we’ve provided represent slogans we’ve added in our personal posters. The app is free and there are currently no in-app purchases. We aim to help build awareness of and momentum for causes in the Resistance Movement.
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@tara_m_carter I gathered that that was the underlying goal. Maybe I'm weird, but I can't help but think that creating an app that leads people to work together in an effort to make an actual difference for the greater good of the tax paying citizens of our country would be more prudent use of time and resources, as opposed to "resisting" and protesting which in the end achieves none of the intended goals of "the resistance movement" and advances nothing but the level of polarization within the country. I do recall many crying fowl about the notion that the results of the election might not be accepted had the tables been turned on election night. That aside, I just don't see how this helps advance a cause or sentiment that leads to something positive. Just more hate, more division, more polarization and most importantly, more steps in the wrong direction. But that's just my opinion. Take it with a grain of salt.
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@kcucchia Thanks for sharing your feedback, Kenny. WalkWoke promotes love & kindness, education & reason, equity & empathy, and tolerance & respect. We stand against hatred, violence, ignorance, and cruelty. It sounds as if we’re aiming for the same things, just coming at it from another perspective. Thanks for sharing your opinion.
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My existence is resistance, It’s been a year of President Trump, and for those of us who identify as people of color, women, part of the LGBTQ community, immigrant or concerned with the environment—it’s been rough. Our concerns have been trampled on, our experiences dismissed, our rights rolled back. And the onslaught has been deliberate, intense and ongoing. As someone living with HIV with all my history and lived experiences, I'm here, I'm part of the US, and I deserve the same access to rights as anyone else. My commitment to street activism and protest was reignited, partly because I refuse to accept that my needs are not as important as the corporations' billionaires run. Research shows that protest does not work because big crowds send a signal to policy-makers—rather, it’s because protests get people politically activated. Not everyone can protest safely. For many of us, the threats to our personal and professional safety require us to avoid engaging law enforcement and the legal system. But it’s important for us to find community. I don't see how defending the rights that are being taken away from me creates more division...Assata Shakur said that it is our duty to fight for our freedom and my freedom and yours, for that matter, are being targeted by cowardice. I thank the creators of this effort, for some of us, it represents a symbol of solidarity!
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@marco_castro_bojorquez Marco, your words show such commitment and inspiration. We refuse to give up. We refuse to accept the issues rampant in our society. We fight for a better life because we believe it’s possible and we want to offer our children and future generations not only the rights that were taken from us, but the equality we know to be fair and just. Drawing from our own battles, our team was inspired to develop WalkWoke, a project who’s mission promotes love & kindness, education & reason, equity & empathy, and tolerance & respect. We stand against hatred, violence, ignorance, and cruelty. Thank you again for your comment.
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