Easily create, share & print powerful protest signs!

WalkWoke is the first iOS app that aligns emotionally charged social and political art with customizable slogans to drive change at marches, protests, rallies and online in social media. The app was designed by artists to create visual depictions of resistance to policies that harm women, immigrants and others. Download, customize & print today!

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This app is our way to give and support the different causes and to protest creatively. We, at Tangelo, want to share our values with the community with this tool. We want artists and people in general to upload your own artwork to raise your voice on your cause.
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This first version is great. Can't wait to see more updates features soon!


Great artwork templates to start creating the signs!


Would love to see social features soon

Just download it and give it a try.


Ease of use


More artwork

WalkWoke is the first iOs app for creating and printing art-based protest signs. The artwork is amazing and aims to inspire empathy and political activism through powerful printable and shareable original art posters (one of my favorites is the "Women Speak Out." Our passion behind the app is a reflection of our history. The app was developed from a culmination of our diverse teams’ unique experiences with Women’s Rights and the Resistance Movement including: sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence, and injustices to immigrants and minority groups. The posters and artwork are designed to be used in marches and rallies, like the upcoming Women’s March. They are also beautiful, frameable pieces of art to commemorate this unique chapter of resistance in our country’s history. Anyone can submit artwork, including children! Kids will learn how to design and print their own protest poster and become educated and empowered in the process. https://www.walkwoke.com/submit-... Make a Difference - Join the Resistance!