Get deals when you walk to a small business nearby

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"Powered by Kinetise".... yeah !
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Thanks for Hunting this, guys. We've been working on it for a few months and we're ramping up our business outreach. We'd love for you guys to download it and try it out and we need to know some of your favorite spots around the world. You can recommend spots in this Google Form - https://goo.gl/forms/SJ9SXVS7WuQ... - and let us know what you think. We're also giving away a pair of Moto Surround headphones - some of my favorites for running - to one lucky Hunter. Pop over to the Google doc and get hooked up. Questions? Concerns? Email me at john@walkto.co or Tweet me @johnbiggs. Thanks again.
@johnbiggs @walkto This is how makers/founders *should* write intros on PH. Most are super long, preachy essays -- succinctness is key!
@tomfme @walkto man I've been listening to founder pitches for 10 years. I know when its time to shut up ;)
someone needs to walk more Love the idea!
@kristofertm funny guy!
A new healthy way to save money and get deals! cute!
This is a neat idea, kind of like a Pokémon Go-roupon. What cities are currently live? I didn't see anything nearby in Seattle yet (and FYI it looks like some test data was showing up when I searched for deals). Best of luck to you guys!
@kleneway We have a few locations in Seattle coming up but we'd love to get some feedback on your favorite spots in Seattle (and anywhere else). You can put some spots into our Google Form https://goo.gl/forms/SJ9SXVS7WuQ... and if you enter an email to become part of our Super Friends Street Team (TM) someone can win a pair of Moto Surround Wireless Headphones.