The best meditation cushion on earth.

#5 Product of the DayAugust 10, 2018

Walden designs and manufactures beautiful objects to inspire people to live mindfully. Our first product is a meditation cushion that is handcrafted in NYC using the best materials in the world.

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Of course you don't need a cushion to meditate but things like this can be strong external triggers to remind people to do so and build habits.
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@rrhoover this is a positive spin on something that at first made me laugh out loud
Hey all! I'm the founder of Walden. I hope you enjoy our product, brand, and mission. Let me know if you have any questions! Fun Fact: We've created over 50 prototypes to arrive at this design. Even Funner Fact: I ruined my house's blender by blending latex in the early days for an early experiment.
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Cannot praise the product or it's creators enough. Great job guys!
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People don't realize how helpful meditation cushions can be to your meditation practice. Sitting with your sitz bones on the cushion and the front of your pelvis slightly off the cushion, allows your sacrum to be at the proper angle for alignment within the entire spinal column. The spine works as an antennae, both to transmit and receive energy, which is key as meditation synchronizes the brain and allows the entire Central Nervous System to align, ground, release stress, heal and optimize. When we sit on the ground, the sacrum is usually flat, and the hip flexors on the front of the hips are tight and will be screaming at you the entire time you're trying to quiet the mind and move into the state of consciousness above everyday intellectual functioning, that place without words. The cushion's alignment of the sacrum also releases the hip flexors, and facilitates the quiet of the mind much faster and easier. And it allows the newly created synchronization and quiet to flow all the way to the tailbone and through the legs to literally ground us. There is a reason people have meditated sitting upright for centuries - to align the spine within the electromagnetic field of the earth, and optimizing our field within it. The right equipment enhances every "sport".
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@eddiecohen I've been using the same meditation cushion since 1997! I'm delighted to see someone is innovating in this space. As our society has increased its technology and intellectual functioning, meditation is ever more important.
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@monadefrawi :) time for a new one!!
I got the all black cushion last month, and it’s great. I didn’t even have a cushion before, and I didn’t realize how much better it makes meditation. It also looks great in my apartment.
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