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Hi, Product Hunt! First than anything, thanks a lot to @sanemavcil ! :D I would like to introduce to you WakingApp's ENTiTi! WakingApp's mission is to build and grow the VR & AR ecosystems by providing the tools for businesses to create interactive and advanced content, and enabling the use of cutting-edge technology such as viewers, cameras, head mounts, controllers, and depth sensors. WakingApp's powerful cloud-based ENTiTi platform is the first in the world to enable any Business to create interactive virtual and augmented reality content without any developer skills or prior experience. All content is instantly made available on the ENTiTi app or on devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and integrates with mobile devices, leading smart glasses and peripherals. Major products/services ENTiTi VR/AR Creator tool - Mac/PC allows AR/VR content creation with no coding skills. ENTiTi VR/AR Viewer App - Android/IOS allows AR/VR content created with the Creator to be experienced through various devices. How much those products/services cost? Currently, WakingApp is offering the use of the creator tool for free. It's later stage business model will range from a Monthly based subscription fee for enabling a stand alone App (Outside ENTiTi Viewer) to a full White Label offerings to Enterprises. What platforms and mobile products are available on? MAC/PC - IOS/Android Once content is published, it is immediately available on all devices we already support, as: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google CardBoard, Samsung Gear VR, Epson Glasses, and soon in any major upcoming HMD that will be launched to the market. We also released new integration tools for Popular CAD and 3D platforms such as Autodesk's 3DSMax, Revit and Fusion 360, creating AR and VR presentations couldn't get any easier! ENTiTi enables any content creator to use 3rd party technologies without any coding. These 3rd party technologies will already be embedded within as gestures and controllers, 3D scanners, depth cameras and other technologies - no prior development experience needed for our users!
@rahulr047 Sure! A really cool user prepared a an awesome one, so kudos to @MrDavids1 this is Kudos for you!
Also check out our Vimeo and YouTube channels :)
@eddieiskl @mrdavids1 Cool checking it out! Right now using the app - clicking on scan and it's just a camera - am I missing something? Is it a bug?
@rahulr047 @mrdavids1 It seems that you are using AR mode, so the App is currently looking for a target image. Try the following: Check out our Top Augmented Reality on the Home tab. Select one of them. You should see that on the bottom of the page its stated: "Dont Have an image to scan?", enter your email address so the image will be delivered by email. You can then scan the image and you should be able to see the project in #AR :) Please let me know if this helped you :)
@eddieiskl @mrdavids1 Some image was sent to me. What next? Download it on the phone? Or just go back to the app? Couldn't download it as such.
This looks interesting idea 👍 Could be used e.g. teaching kids Visual Programming/Learning for VR?
@akacoxy yes, but we haven't tried it with them yet! Our logic logic system is simple enough for anyone to learn how to DIY with AR and VR as well :)
Interesting. I am all for giving more power to people to create more AR experiences for themselves,but the market really suffers on quality and people's first impressions of AR being a bit gimmicky. This is one of the better platforms I have seen so far though. Looking forward to giving it a try.
@1greigcranfield We will see once we transition to Target image free AR, this seems to be the way the industry is heading to :) Feel free to get in touch with me if you need any help using ENTiTi :)
Great concept! I personally love it :)