Wakeout 2.0

250+ energizing exercises you do anywhere in 3 min or less

Wakeout 2.0 is the antidote to drowsiness. 250+ fun exercises and dozens of routines to get you back in the zone. Whether you're at work, on the couch, or just woke up from a nap, there's a Wakeout routine for any sleepy occasion.

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Hello everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ I'm Wakeout's designer and co-founder. πŸ’ͺ🏽 Wakeout is a new kind of exercise app NOT meant to get you a 6-pack. Instead, a Wakeout is an short energizing workout routine that raises your heartbeat just enough to get you in a wakeful state (without breaking a sweat). With Wakeout 1.0, we started with exercises you do in bed. Over 550,000 people downloaded the app and were fortunate to get featured by Apple as App of the Day. We got dozens of passionate emails from users, telling us how Wakeout had helped them be a little more active. Today we're excited to launch Wakeout 2.0, expanding on the original idea, we're bringing much requested Wakeouts for work, the couch, the coffee shop, and new routines for the bed. We've organized over 250 Wakeout exercises into dozens of routines for any occasion and energy level (from lazy to hardcore). We're also excited to include Carpal Tunnel Prevention exercises that may help prevent repetitive motion disorders, specially important for our typing generation. I'm excited to read your feedback and answer any questions.
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Hey guys, I love this!!! I struggle with my attention and energy levels on a regular basis and these kind of routines are fun, easy to follow and REALLY help me. This definitely feels like an upgrade from 1.0. 😎
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@jlnbuiles πŸ’ͺ🏽🐻 That's awesome!! Thanks for the comment!!
I downloaded the app, tried to open the app and it started with some music. Embarrassment in office. My bit of feedback, don't play music when someone opens the app for the first time, especially when the phone is on MUTE.
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@avinashgadiraju Thanks for the feedback and sorry for that awkward moment. 😳
@avinashgadiraju came here to post this... luckily, however, I was by myself, and at my home office... but the sudden blast of plucky strings startled me enough to embarrass myself for being startled by ... plucky strings. edit: i should mention my iphone was set to SILENT when this happened. No bueno.
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Privacy policy and general terms link in the app is broken, that didn't give me a feeling of confidence. Also, signing up for a subscription, even if it includes a 7-day trial, is a leap too big for me. Better to let me test out a couple of things for free to see if I like it without having to commit to a trial that auto-converts to a paid sub.
@jesse__muller Thanks for pointing this out. Here's the privacy policy: http://wakeout.co/privacy.html Thanks for the feedback regarding the trial subs. This is a tricky area for us. We're keeping a close eye on how people onboard to find a strategy that works.
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Is it video of exersizes?
@runegrahn Correct. We recorded over 250 videos.