Turn your Mac into a Spotify alarm clock.


Wakefy is a simple, beautiful macOS app that turns your Mac or Macbook into a Spotify alarm clock ✨

It works even if your Mac is turned off.

Wakefy forces you to actually get out of bed and walk to turn off your alarm .

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I think this app is a security concern.


It works


Can't uninstall! I removed the Wakefy app and it still wakes me up through Spotify every morning.

yeah me too.. this app still open spotify every morning even I removed the wakefy. I think, because wakefy using our computer to doing cron jobs, not from spotify third party permission. Hopefully, wakefy give the solution and fix this issue
@gagah_kharismanuary hey Gagah – I've just seen this comment, did you manage to solve the problem? Please reach out at hi[at]wakefy[dot]com if you have any issues, I'll be glad to help!
@doydle Hi Doydle, I've just seen this message here on Product Hunt, but I've checked and I already replied to your email with the solution the following day after you commented here. Just following up – did it solve your problem?
@doydle @rameerez Hey I emailed you guys two weeks ago and haven't gotten a response. I have the same problem this guy did. How do I uninstall the app completely?