Wake Annotations

A more powerful way to give design feedback


Barton Smith
@bartonsmith · Product Designer, Spotify
I've been really enjoying this update!
@tayler2412 · Builder, Designer, StudioMinted.com
Sweet! This product is going to rock for our industry. Look like it has also been featured as a top tool for designers on NAM: http://www.newart.media/newartme...
Jared Morgenstern
@jjflex · CEO, Chime
Love this innovation. Focusing your feedback is so important. So many times I have lost folks with my feedback by dropping it in comments.
Francis Kim
@franciskim_co · Software Hacker & Growth Engineer
🖖 Awesome! Added to: https://www.producthunt.com/@fra...
David West
@david_west · Product Manager @ Nibble Apps
Would be epic to have this as a sketch plugin!