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I've said 100+ times that this piece of pre-launch should be a simple product. I've told numerous startups to build it well - Launchrock was a decent option for a while but never evolved in a meaningful way. To me, the big win is that it works on your site / wordpress installation. I'll be recommending this a lot I'd expect.
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if this was 2 weeks earlier, we would not have developed our own http://onepl.us/invites !
@j_mcnally Justin, is it still in private beta? I just registered and so it said me :)
This looks perfect to increase signups to email lists. Those hungry to move up the waiting list can share their personal link with others. Waitlisted also has integrations with Mailchimp, drip and others. (And a full API). It's similar to @noahkagan and his King Sumo Giveaway functionality. I'd love to get @rrhoover in on this conversation to see what he thinks of this gamification style of increasing signups as I know he's done a lot of work with behavioural psychology whilst working on Hooked with Nir Eyal. Personal link looks like this: https://www.waitlisted.co/?refco... (Mods: feel free to remove if this breaks any rules but I don't think it does).
@charlieirish Really like the clean simplicity of this!
@charlieirish Just noticed the team members section, love it!
Cool! I had actually been thinking about building such a service a while back but never got around to it. Great to see someone has built it, I'll be using it for my next project! :)
We've been waiting for something like this for quite a while. Glad to see it's been built! Looking forward to using it in the near future.
@spencernorman Awesome Spencer, please join our slack and keep me posted on your progress!
@j_mcnally @spencernorman Thanks Justin! Signed up. Will definitely be using this for our next launch. I love the auto-invite to the Slack channel too. Nice work!
@j_mcnally @spencernorman The Slack Channel idea is awesome. Should be a great way to get feedback on ideas and features.