Bake for your dog with this superfood-packed dog treat mix 🐶

Wagadō (wag-ah-doe) is the world’s first superfood-packed dog treat mix. Each pouch is filled with a passionately curated lineup of responsibly sourced whole foods that are loaded with the vitamins and nutrients every pup deserves. Oh, and the flavors are doggone delish.

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Product Hunt Kitty is well looked after. For doggies though, I came across Wagado, which provides healthy treats for dogs! Not a tech product granted, but definitely innovative, and placed in a great market. Directly sold through their website, which is built on Shopify.
@elbahnasy Thanks for sharing my new company, Iz!
This deserves to be upvoted for the Instagram account alone! 🐶❤️
@ems_hodge Woo hoo! Thanks, Emily.
My 1yo Frenchie loved the carnivore cookies. Awesome product!
@davbradley Thanks, David! The video you posted of the taste test was precious :)
Added the maker as Tessa @ibakeformydog on Twitter
@elbahnasy Thank you!

I love that it‘s shipped to my door. Since it’s freeze dried I don’t have to rush home and retrieve it because it won’t spoil!


The BEST ingredients, my dogs love them and they’re super easy to make.


My husband wants to try them.

Thanks for the review, Christi!