Split screen picture conversations with friends

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This is fun. And this is meta:
Thanks Erik for posting this! @Finbarr and I are the app creators. We've been working on this for the last month and would love to get your product feedback.
Wow, I had no idea you were working on this, @karenxcheng and @Finbarr. Is this a side project or will it be taking your focus from 100?
@karenxcheng sad you guys stopped working on giveit100, but glad you kept pushing
Thanks @rrhoover - we've pivoted away from giveit100. It was a tough and sad decision - we learned that it's difficult to grow a startup that requires a lot of discipline by the users. So we created Waffle - which, instead of taking a lot of discipline, is fun and easy. Apps like Snapchat are fun, but because the messages disappear immediately it's hard to get a conversation going the way you would with a text message. Waffle is a sort of back-and-forth conversation with pics.
@karenxcheng its super addictive!! Loving it :-)
@karenxcheng super interesting to hear and makes a lot of sense. would love to read a blog post on this, must have been a tough process. I'm sure lots of people could learn from it :)
Great to see hard work and dedication pay off. I love this app and the team behind it.
Go Waffle! Such fun, much wow!