Aggregate, analyse & publish content from social media.

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You'll get an upvote from me just because of the frame-by-frame behavior using the scroll-bar on the homepage!
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@mariuslian wow, one of the most beautiful sites I saw
@mariuslian Indeed. Well done.
@mariuslian Yeah wow thats top shelf interaction design. I ran a digital agency for years and this is whoa
@mariuslian @evankimbrell @danflopes @rotemthegolfer this (scrollmagic) is awesome.. how long does it take to learn?
Create custom feeds, measure audience engagement, monitor the competition and publish aggregated content to websites, displays or live events.
@kwdinc @jayhwd @yesdevnull Hey! This looks like a very interesting product. Anyhow, I was reviewing your features, and was asking: What you believe to be the differentiators when compared to Buffer? Sorry to ask, but I think more people looking at this page should be questioning the same. :)
@kwdinc nice, will be trailing this 👍
@danflopes @kwdinc @jayhwd @yesdevnull Would also like to know the differentiators when compared to Hootsuite! Love the website! :-)
Site design and animation is super awesome! 👍😍
I love the website but sign up form is too long. BTW, if you added sign up via Facebook, you'd get my email and name at once :)
Humaan do amazing work! I can't wait to try this :-)