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#3 Product of the DayJune 30, 2015
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Broken for me on so many levels, but I love that WC3 is doing this. WC3 is making moves in all the right ways.
@staringispolite @blainehatab I agree having to put http:// or even www. is a bit backward in this modern age ;)
@alistaircoggins @blainehatab Hi, we removed that requirement :)
@blainehatab Thanks Blaine for your support! If the reported issues seem wrong to you, you can send us feedback and open issues on Github: https://github.com/w3c/Mobile-Ch... .
@gbaudusseau I think it was just from all the traffic. The page initially didn't work and then when it did and I tried my website it was so slow that it didn't work after 30 seconds so I just stopped. I'm sure it was just traffic issues. Keep up the good work though :)
Ouch. We totally broke it. "Hi, this service is receiving too many requests. Waiting time around 320s. Please don't leave the page."
@sshakeel Seems like W3C underestimated the web people. What an ironic situation. But the product have really a great value!
@sshakeel actually working on improving our perfs. We released a new version today. It should be better now!
Nice addition for mobile devs. An overdue tool.