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Tried the app and really liked it. The web counterpart is also super useful! πŸš€
@troblous Thanks Yann. Kin and Vyte are complementary and make a great alternative to Sunrise
@saintmac @troblous congrats guys, it's also complementary to Thingthing keyboard for iOS ;)
Hello ProductHunters! If what you miss the most about Sunrise is the Meet feature, then we got you covered. Vyte for iOS is a calendar app built with Scheduling in mind. Schedule 1-on-1s, group meetings or accept appointment, right from your calendar. Looking forward to your feedback :-)
@saintmac thank you! I use that feature all the time. It's the one part of Sunrise that I haven't been able to replace. Going to check it out now.
@saintmac Been playing with it. It's the best I've seen so far. One thing I noticed though is that when I invite one other person, you're still asking that person to vote. But really, they should just pick the time & location they want and lock in their choice.
@andrewwarner not really, but bugs happen, especially on a featuring day :-) Could you MP me with your email address? thanks
You've called it 'The Best' So what makes it better than all the other calendars out there?
@bentossell Hi Ben, thanks for the feedback. Our claim is to be the best calendar app... for scheduling :-) Just a few examples: When you create a meeting you can add several dates and places and your invitees get to vote on them (they don't need the app for that). When you suggest those times, if your invitees are Vyte users, their availability are overlapped with your calendar. You get notifications when your invitees vote, suggest another date or send a message, etc. If you never schedule meetings, we might not be the best calendar for you, but if you definitely give us a shot.
Nice timing on the close of Sunrise ;)
I've been a user of Vyte since almost day 1. Their scheduling button in my email signature has helped me secure so many clients and constantly surprises me with its conversion rate