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The design looks great and the pain point is definitely there but if I'm completely honest, I'm not sure if the additional voting mechanic is that much more of a value-add than Google shared calendar. Many people may not know this but (with permission) you can view several people's calendar at once to identify and schedule meetings where everyone's available. Another solution, while far from free, is Clara which handles all of the back-and-forth in scheduling meetings. cc @marannelson
@rrhoover Thanks for checking the product out. To address your valid points: - What if you're scheduling a meeting where only half of the people share their calendars with you? There voting comes in handy. - And even for internal enterprise meetings where everyone have calendar sharing back & forth still exist because people fill their calendars with TODOs. So Calendar sharing drastically increases the relevance of the time suggestions you make, but voting is often useful. - For cross company meetings, most people don't know how to share their calendars on google. Although we're focused on Google now, we will enable cross-technology (google, exchange, etc.) calendar sharing in the future - Clara looks fun but the pricing makes it irrelevant for most people.
Make time suggestions directly from your calendar. Vyte displays your calendar.See when your invitees are available. Just make relevant suggestions. Suggest places if you need too. No more back and forth between your emails and your calendar. Timezones are automatically detected. Invitees vote for their preferences from any device. Vyte displays to them when you are available or busy. The details of your calendar remain secret.Just confirm the best date and place in one click.
@kwdinc Thanks for sharing
i need this
Like that collaborators don't also have to be Vyte users...this gives me the push to try it with my team.
Very few products create excitement these days. I've tried many scheduling tools and products, but I just signed up to Vyte.in two days ago, and I love it. - Super easy of setup and use - Separate options for time and venue, - Meeting options show up as possible meeting times on my calendar, iCal on Mac! that is huge, so I don't end up double booking meetings. - Finally the ease and speed with which everything happens for all parties involved in the meeting, I still can't believe that all of that is for the free version!