A virtual social experience, made by Jared Leto and co

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I created VyRT to connect Artists and audiences around the world through one of a kind experiences and events. Although we are in permanent beta and our focus is on experimentation not growth - one of our goals is to give Artists the ability to broadcast content, go live, engage with their audiences and ultimately monetize. It's important that Artists have a sustainable marketplace for themselves around the content they create and as much independence as possible. Additionally we believe in giving audiences a chance to support Artists directly - while at once being interactive, social and fun.
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@jaredleto Ha I love the 'permanent beta' model :) - I think lots of startups do this but less officially! What are some of the most weird and wonderful experiments you have seen?
@jaredleto hi Jared! So awesome 😊😊
@jaredleto This seems interesting Jared.
And @Jaredleto comes in strong w/ "permanent beta"! I love this space and definitely enjoy an artist spearheading a project to help his own pain points and countless others! πŸš€
VyRT has changed a bit since I first saw it nearly a year ago. They're debuting their Camp Mars event this weekend. Here's the trailer:
Sounds interesting, but the landing page doesn't give more information. I don't like to signup before getting more info.
@ilmi_ali THIS is what kills me. When products don't provide the meat from the start. Makes the potential user acquisition that much harder. (imo) 😐
This is exactly like a cam girl site but for musicians.
@robynchaaang For real?! 😱
@as_austin I did some research on cam site business models after reading this and similar articles: http://www.economist.com/news/in... - "...when anything goes, everything is tried, and quickly copied if it turns out to work." Pretty interesting, actually.
@knownhuman Not damning, an observation. If it works in porn it will work anywhere - i think that's what they say.