The Passenger Entertainment Experience

Vugo is a B2B Infotainment platform for ridesharing and autonomous cars. We are improving the passenger entertainment experience through empowering passengers with control over their entertainment.

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I haven't seen a Vugo myself but I'm familiar with the taxi TVs and find them obnoxious and discourages conversation when riding with a friend. I realize my opinion as a rider may not matter but if my ride was subsidized by something like this, I'm all for it. 😊
@rrhoover Hi Ryan, thanks for checking out VUGO. Our focus is improving the passenger experience as people have been becoming passengers today more than ever before. Taxi TV did a really poor job of managing the passenger experience, but that was because their incentive was focused on credit card processing. We want to give passengers the remote control over their content as cars are becoming mobile entertainment rooms, an extension of your living room, however as a shared-use space with ridesharing and soon autonomous cars which leaves the market open for someone like VUGO who is focused on making a broken medium (Like Taxis and Taxi TV) better by listening to users and truly working on making the ride more enjoyable. Love to chat about it sometime if you're interested in learning more. P.S. We are more of a software platform than putting actual hardware in cars, although we use tablets in rideshares today, we are also in talks with automakers for autonomous passenger entertainment which is where the growth comes from as ridesharing/shared-use transportation grows to meet most passenger miles traveled.
@rrhoover @jlbellefeuille1 I think working with Drive.AI on their pilot here in Frisco might be worth it. I can connect you.
@rrhoover @jlbellefeuille1 @billmcneely Thanks Bill. I believe I met them at an autonomous vehicle conference in SF. However, open to the intro.
I’ve seen a demo and Vugo has some visionary stuff. Think of them as the good guy when it comes to content inside your ride share. Big potential to change the game and make all involved happy. Keep a close eye for what’s to come.
I have known James for three years. Vugo has come a long way and it's good to see them have the success they are having.
Great job!!😊 These should come to India soon
If there is any chance we can update the video. Much appreciated. This is a better video that demonstrates a passenger experience: