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VueTag allows anyone who sells apparel online to automatically enrich product metadata. Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning, VueTag automatically extracts product attributes from product images. These attributes (or tags) can then be reviewed, corrected (if needed), and exported, and used to improve product discoverability.

  • Pros: 

    Looks Great, Awesome UX


    Need to explore more to find any

    Great product to bring precision to catalog management!

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  • Jagadis Natarajan
    Jagadis NatarajanProduct Manager - PayPal

    Easy to use,accurate, Fast


    More sharing platforms required

    This product is great for catalog managers to quickly tag product images and add key metadata

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Nivas Ravichandran
Nivas Ravichandran@nivasravi · Product Marketing - Freshsales CRM
This is interesting. Good work Vue Team.
rethas@rethas · Product Manager,
@nivasravi Thanks Nivas.
Ashwin | PipeCandy
Ashwin | PipeCandy@ashwinizer · Founder
This is a good validation that AI (Computer Vision) is getting into the trenches beyond just visual merchandising. Having worked with PIM providers and eCommerce CMS companies, I understand the perpetual pain it is to keep product tagging uptodate and relevant. Good product serving a real need. Good luck!
ashwini asokan (@LadyAshBorg)
ashwini asokan (@LadyAshBorg)Maker@ashonindia · Founder, | Mad Street Den
@ashwinizer For sure. Between excel sheets, crowdsourced manual operations, armies of catalog managers using PIMs I think this has been a high demand problem seeking a solution for a while. And we've seen incredible adoption. Thanks for the note!
Abhilash L Ramesh
Abhilash L Ramesh@abhilashlr89 · UI Developer, Freshdesk
Wow! This looks interesting. Good work!
Shyam Ravishankar
Shyam Ravishankar@levioliniste · Marketer at
@abhilashlr89 Thank you. I hope you enjoy using it.
Lubna Wadhoodh
Lubna Wadhoodh@lubna_wadhoodh
Shyam Ravishankar
Shyam Ravishankar@levioliniste · Marketer at
@lubna_wadhoodh Thank you!
Elizabeth S Hunker
Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker ·
Can't say how long I've been waiting for the age of non-interruptive ad experiences, where I can either scroll over an image or video - or look at a list on a companion app - for a list of everything worn, tasted, visited, etc. This is the start. @kwdinc @ashonindia
Shyam Ravishankar
Shyam Ravishankar@levioliniste · Marketer at
@elizabethhunker VueTag can definitely help with product matching. However, we also have products that do it more directly for videos and images. Look here for more info :