Vue ReactiveSearch

Free, open-source Vue components for building search UIs

Vue ReactiveSearch is an open-source UI components library for building production-grade search UIs with Vue.js. This is the first major release (v1.0) and we're excited to see what the PH community builds with it.
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Thanks for the hunt @kevin! Vue ReactiveSearch is a UI components library for building production quality search UIs in a jiffy. It connects with an ElasticSearch index and exposes the most common search functionalities (auto-suggestions, handling typos, adding facets, search highlighting, specifying what fields to search on with what weights) via a declarative prop-driven interface. While it comes with a lot of useful presets that are huge time saves (we're talking doing things in hours that would take a few days), it doesn't get in the way - you can also write query DSL to override these presets. You can bring in your own UI components (e.g. charts) - see this demo: You can see the component showcase over here: Follow the quick start over at: Happy to answer any questions over here!