VUE component for snap scrolling sites

Finally a good solution to create snap scrolling sites has arrived to Vue.js.

This Vue component provides a way to use fullPage.js in the Vue way. No more ugly directive solutions or poor implementations of the feature.

This is the official vue.js component for fullPage.js. Enjoy it!

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for hunting @imac2 when did you first start working on this, and why?
@abadesi hey!! I've been working on the open source library (fullPage.js) for more than 3 years. It got quite popular and reached more than 22K stars on Github. I though it was time to make it easy for others to use the library within other frameworks. There are some other implementations out there for Angular, Rails, Wordpress... but there was none for Vue.js, so I just though it would be nice to have one! I started working on it like a month or two ago. And finally released it like a week ago. Let me know your thoughts on it! Any feedback, good and bad, will be appreciated! This is my first time posting in producthunt!
Seems very solid!
@tommy_jepsen thanks! Planning to keep improving it together with the library! I'll soon make it lighter and more robust!
Great job !! 😊
@ayush_chandra thank you very much! Hope you find it useful!