Vue Design System

An open source tool for building Design Systems with Vue.js

A set of organized tools, patterns, and practices that work as the foundation for Vue.js application development. What initially started as a quick-n-dirty prototyping tool for a client of mine, has grown into a fully capable systems tool that provides an environment where the pattern library and live application can be perfectly in sync.

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Thanks for sharing, @viljamis :) What features are you planning on releasing next?
@amrith There’s a roadmap tag in GitHub (I use the issues for planning releases), see: It’s currently missing a few things though, so need to update it. Nevertheless, that should give you an overview of the features I’ve been planning on working next.
@amrith Did actually a few updates to the roadmap now :)
This is really neat! What inspired you to build this?
@kallefreese Basically started as a quick-n-dirty over the weekend prototype for one of my clients. We needed an easy Vue.js based tool to quickly prototype the design system we were working on. Things are explained in more detail here:
@kallefreese ~Now a few months later happy to say that this is more or less ready for production use with multiple apps. 🙂
Awesome! Priceless ressource :)
I'm happy enough that someone made a design system documentation tool. The fact that it's made using my favorite framework is the icing on the cake.
@bjorkbat Vue has slowly become my favorite framework as well during the past 12 months.
@sdfiz check this might be interesting for you, as you use VUE in pet project