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At first I thought I needed a VR headset to experience these videos but you can actually explore space in 3D form your browser. Of course, once Oculus launches to the public, this will be totally different. What's your plan with VRIDEO, @arosenfee?
@rrhoover You're spot-on, Ryan. The great thing about immersive video is that while it's best experienced in VR, it makes for a compelling experience on web and mobile, as well.
@rrhoover With this in mind, were developing a suite of products across the web, mobile, and VR. (This includes completely native VR experiences, where you'll be able to navigate and discover content in VR itself, as opposed to going back and forth between your headset and the browser.)
Nice one! How are those 360° videos filmed? Are people using the Giroptic camera are something similar?
@baptistegreve It's not just Giroptic! Check these out...http://360cameraonline.com/known.... Lots of really exciting innovation going on in the panoramic camera space, which is good as there's plent of room for progress.
Okay I've seen the future and it's THIS. Wow. Here's a little trick. Without a VR headset, you can still get stereo 3d vision. Click the bottom-right eye button and the screen splits. This is usually for VR headsets, but if you look at the middle point and go cross-eyed, from about your under arm length from your screen, you can lock into a 3d image. It takes some practice but your eyes will make a middle screen between the left and right which is somewhat 3d. Then play the video. And it's immersive. I can only imagine how crazy this is on a headset, like life changing. The immersiveness of this is just extraordinary.
@levelsio If you're ever in LA, swing by our offices in Santa Monica! We'll give you the headset experience : ). But you're totally right, still fun to play around with the split-screen in non-VR contexts.
@levelsio now I feel very unwell 😭
Really cool in-browser window. I made the same assumption as @rrhoover and thought I'd need a VR Headset.
Was wondering when I'd see 360 video on Product Hunt - don't own an Oculus, but going to hunt one down to try it out!