A new operating system beyond the limits of your monitor

An early prototype of an operating system that replaces monitors with a head-mounted display for a revolutionary desktop computing experience. Use mouse and keyboard to get work done, in an immersive environment that allows workflows like never before.
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Nice concept, I saw your post on Hacker News previously. Although I think PH is not really the right place for this, since it's not a usable product yet. But if you're going to keep this up, I'd suggest you have a way of collecting emails on your website, to start building an audience.
@yunus_abd good point. I I have no current plans to develop this further, bootstrapped, on my own though, so this is as far as this "product" is going to go for now.
@matthaeus_krenn I see, hopefully someone picks this up and pays you to develop it further. Or you could try YC, their applications are currently open.
I love it!!! I have been dreaming of this kind of concept for so long!
What sort of hardware do you need to be able to run this?
That's what I always wanted. VR workspace environment for 2d screens, multiscreen and mouse/keyboard support.
So how do we get it? Would love to use it!