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I test VPNs using my credit card so you don't have to

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While this is a nice and easy to read website, actual checks are not great and paints a wrong picture. For example, Tunnel Bear is not a secure VPN, because of things like logging bandwidth, PBG key not being available and quite a few other violations. I personally would highly recommend https://thatoneprivacysite.net/v... as the best place to find the best VPN and to get a full picture about most VPNs out there.
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@doutatsu I find this interesting as I'm a TBear user. Is there any deeper information regarding them in particular, or just general takeaways like this?
@s2imon I'd recommend reading through the website I've linked as it explains all the different points they analyse VPNs on. Tunnel Bear is just an example. For any VPN you can look for things like where are they based, which determines how much data they have to store legally, which in turn results in how secure it is (Part of Fourteen Eyes Countries). Or that they are not as transparent or support privacy causes. There are plenty of points you can dive deeper in and make your own decision. In my experience there is no perfect VPN, so you have to look for things most important to you.
@s2imon The place pointed by @doutatsu is a good source since those are honest reviews; head to https://torrentfreak.com/vpn-ser... for a thorough, larger list. I've written a thorough comment on the subject that seems to be too big for the comment section here in PH so I moved it to https://pastebin.com/NQL489ch. HTH.
Hey PH, If you've ever tried looking for a good VPN, you know how difficult it can be to really make a good pick. The problem is that the reviews you're reading are likely heavily influenced by affiliate links, where the reviewer gets a commission for every sign up they generate. This is so ridiculously prevalent in the VPN space, since commissions are lucrative, that you cannot escape it. Look up "top VPNs" or "best VPNs" on Google and you're bound to see the same repeated results, with companies with the largest marketing budgets always on top. I decided the best way to find out was to test and pay for each and everyone myself, so that I can finally find out what the best VPN to use day-to-day is, and so that I can share my results with others who might have had similar frustrations finding a VPN. This guide is aimed at those wanting a good user experience, and not just some technical setup that you don't necessarily understand. I rate every provider objectively on their technical features, then go into more detail about what the actual experience feels like. I've fought with way too many VPN setups before to know the importance of what a good UX can bring to your sanity. Hope you enjoy. Let me know if you have any feedback or questions about any part of the site.
@bitario lovely work! 😊👍🏻👌🏻 Which one gets your recommendation? The option to tap 'Comments' to view your detailed review is great, a bit confusing to use especially once you've reached the end of the review as you need to scroll all the way to the top to hide it again. It would be great to see more details on which service offers OpenVPN and the level of complexity. It would be great to have an option to suggest further services for your review.
@bitario Hi, great job! We would appreciate if you would test Aloha Browser's VPN. It is free.
@bitario You could try to join forces with the guy managing https://thatoneprivacysite.net/, as he is the most recognized source of unbiased info and reviews on VPN on Internet today, he doesn’t accept donations or any type of payment from vpn companies and forwards any received to charities or foundations and of course he’s not affiliated with any of them. He made a name for himself in the technical fields of network security and privacy as Reddit mod.
Nice site, but I don't think it's fair on KeepSolid for you to give them a 1 star review based solely on their website. If you haven't tried the service, you shouldn't be giving them such a harsh review.
@hilltopchill from what I see, KeepSolid.com is a company website. Their VPN is VPN Unlimited, which has a more polished landing page. I wonder why the author even mentions their company website instead of that one (did it change recently?).
@hilltopchill I've used VPN Unlimited for a couple of months previously and they were an okay service. The speeds varied from location to location and are not too great, very few downtime issues, software is very basic, support is limited. Overall, a decent offering. @_krszwsk KeepSolid is their parent company and that's where you can access the account that you buy from VPN Unlimited. Here's the link: https://my.keepsolid.com
Any chance for a Cyberghost VPN review?
Good job man!