The complete independent Voice AI platform

Voysis is an Irish start-up that develops voice-recognition tech for businesses

Currently in "demo" stage. Liked the UI, amount of linguistic engineers they have in team and idea to control UI with voice

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Thanks for featuring us @nel_kamai! Would love to show you a demo
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@rkmac 😻It would be awesome, my skype: ellicht. The story behind: I was preparing to give a talk on a conference and this is how I found Voysis. Do you mind, if I show one of your videos to the audience during a talk (about VUI, UX, usage voice)? I am working as a designer on a voice-product too, but it has different everything. Could it be a problem? 😅 Should I add you as a maker?
Love this project but I might be a bit biased 🤭
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@syswarren What do you mean? Wow, you worked with them? How was it? Should I add you as a maker (this is my first hunting, I am not sure what to do)?
@nel_kamai The design studio (http://weare.tm/) I used to work at helped Voysis with their first version, and I was the product designer on this. It was a very interesting product to work on, and I'm glad I got the opportunity to work on a technology like this. I learned a lot in the process. That being said, I'm looking to add the current makers of the product if I can find them ;)
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@nel_kamai Have you gotten a chance to try this out? What did you think of it?
@jakecrump I am not able to have a demo with it. =( But I am inspired by their cool videos of how-it-works 😍
Yes and yes! And of course, I’ll add you on Skype and we can connect
Looks very similar to https://mindmeld.com/. which was brought by cisco .Their developer API unfortunately seems to be inaccessible now. Voysis looks promising and can take inspiration from mindmeld