Vow Sticker Pack

Cute iMessage stickers to cheer up your day

Sup, boo? If only we could talk to each other with stickers, there would be no miscommunication. Oh Wait! We can! Keep the conversation interesting with handcrafted stickers.
Illustrated by local artists in Dallas, TX. Support and enjoy!
Have fun with these!
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Love em! Great team who designed them, and whoever I send them to gets a kick out of the cuteness. :)
@raydawg88 Thank you! The rainbow barf seems to be everyone's favorite.
@angelika I'm really a fan of the FML...but that's just me :)
@raydawg88 That one definitely comes in handy, quite frequently lol
Messages are more fun with stickers. We made these for you, so you can decorate your emotions while talking to someone special. Additions are coming soon. Let us know what you'd like us to include in the next update and we will put our artists to work. Yours truly, Vow team
Super cute! Android?