Voting Dog

Embedded real-time voting service for your website

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I was looking around for an example. With widgets and tools, I want to know what to expect before committing my information. If I were Voting Dog, I would have a vote as the main CTA "Have You Used Online Voting Before? Yes, No" or something like that, and redirect to a targeted landing page or use a modal window to address each vote selection with a signup option.
@jason_ephraim It's a really cool idea to use the product as an intro.
@jason_ephraim thanks for the input! that would really help expand the target group also to those who never implemented voting systems on their websites. We will take a look into that!
@syswarren @jason_ephraim thanks :) I always try to entice & educate with intro pages.
@aminalhazwani @jason_ephraim No problem. I think it's a cool way to show how the product works as well as give users something more tangible to sink their teeth into. It also allows you better positioning options ("yes" could lead to why your tool is better than others they may have used. "no" could lead to the benefits of using one).
I stumbled upon this during lunch and I really liked the simplicity of this product. Really friendly and fun design. I've got this feeling that polls will be everywhere in the next few months :)
@syswarren thank you very for your feedback. We are working hard to make it happen!
Too bad it is only a beta :(
@kristapslazda if you wish, subscribe to the newsletter to get updates on development status and be invited as beta tester. thanks for your interest!