Secure internet voting

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Melchior Schöller
@melkisch · product design @ Voice Polls
Thriving to allow you to vote for general election from your couch. Working on integrating blockchain proof of process to bring the highest level of security. Dreaming about a more direct democracy.
Anthony Marnell
@anthonymarnell · Business Development, Trello
Super excited to see this launch, congrats Melchior! Democracy should be this easy. People's voices should be heard whether it's in politics to their housing board elections 🙌🏻
Hussein shtia
@hussein_shtia · CEO Xcopy Inc / Data Scientist
Nice Products Like
Phil Nottingham
@philnottingham · VIdeo Strategist
Brilliant idea. Really hope this gets traction.
Tom Downs
@tom_downs95 · OnePlus Community Rep
Always wanted this to be a thing! Fingers crossed it takes off!