Vote Absentee

A guide to absentee voting in the 2018 midterm elections. makes it easy to check what your home state's deadlines and requirements are for voting absentee in the upcoming elections.

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Thanks @think_andreah for the hunt! 🙌 After the Kavanaugh hearings, I was frustrated by how unproductive the conversations seemed to be. So this weekend I channeled that energy into creating something useful.
 For those new to politics in the US, absentee voting is voting by mail (or, increasingly, online) rather than going in-person to a polling place. Access to absentee voting increases voter turnout, not to mention it’s just way more convenient. It’s especially important for millennials, as so many of us are away from our home states to study, or working in a new city, or living abroad. gives you quick and simple access to the absentee voting deadlines and requirements in your home state. You can also check your registration status and learn more about overseas voting. Thanks for your upvote! Shares are much appreciated as the more widely this is spread, the more good this information can do.
Tip of the hat to Webflow for making it a breeze to make the site so quickly, and @pablostanley for sharing the template he built for the amazing Latinxs Who Design. There's such a proliferation nowadays of amazing free tools and talented people sharing their resources – it's never been easier to build something rad 🙂
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Great idea and great design! Did you create everything from scratch or did you use a webflow template as a starting point?
@jpvalery Hey JP! Yes, I used the template from Latinxs Who Design. I'm a designer and a developer, so usually I design and code my sites myself. But in this case I wanted to knock something out quickly and was curious to try Webflow.