Twitter for voice notes, hear voices from around the world

#4 Product of the DayMay 03, 2020
Vooiced helps you keep in the loop through short bite sized audio clips from all over the world
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I made Vooiced to make sure that voices get heard! Whether it's voices from people you follow, your friends, or world leaders - I thought it was important to give people a chance to have more of a say about what voices they'd like to hear - instead of being fed manufactured voices by media that has to be endorsed by governments.
@wisanishilumani what kind of learnings did you take (if any) from the likes of Anchor et al?
@chrismessina Hey Chris, the biggest learning is definitely that a streams of audio really need to maintain a great experience as the user hears more audio. It's not as easy to scan through an audio feed as it is to scan through a twitter feed - so I have to double down on discovery and organisation. The ideal experience is for someone to be able to listen to a curated playlist whose audio clips share similiar context. The best ways I can think of doing that right now is 1) Discussions (where a person adds a voice, and a thread begins on that voice - that users can then listen to in playlist fashion) or 2) Very specific curated playlists - e.g. something similiar to what Headspace does (where they have an anxiety or stress course) - this could be a group of recordings from a student protest for example. Anything interesting you've found from Anchor's journey, and similiar products?
Twitter for voice notes is an incredible concept. Dare I say it’s actually better than the concept of Twitter?
@dru_riley Thanks Dru! Got any feedback, anything you would change or improve?
Great product. Lots of ideas for roadmap.
@edmundamoye Thanks for the chat Edmund! Pushing the roadmap as we speak!
Your in SA?
@cody_gaskin1 Yeah! Let's chat soon!