Voo Plan for iMessage

Plan and meet with friends fast via iMessage.

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I'm the CTO at Voo! I'm super excited with our new app. We had a lot of fun experimenting with the new iMessage Applications and iOS10. I'm here to answer any questions about what we're doing. Our goal is to provide the best way for people to plan directly from within their actual tools, in this case iMessage. A bit of personal background, I'm a technology enthusiast, particularly everything that touches programming. I love react and react-native. This app is actually all made up with react-native! So if you have any questions about the technology we used I'll be happy to answer! You can email me at hugo@letsroundup.com. Here's a photo taken during the development, when you develop on beta software, using the Force always help!
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@dozoisch @tryvoo There was a lot of force being used to build an iMessage App in React Native! :P
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@dozoisch Nice work team! Looks really nice so looking forward to testing it out. I think there is room for a real winner in the calendar space with integrating into the iMessage experience. It may be from Apple itself and already baked into the experience or an external product, like this. Best of luck! Look forward to seeing the journey
@bentossell @dozoisch Thanks for the feedback! We are truly convinced iMessage apps will improve the way we communicate. Stay tuned!
@bentossell Thanks a lot! Yes, I think there is a superbe opportunity on that front. We do hope this problem gets solved as it such a common problem.
Congrats on the launch, guys!
I've used a lot of products that attempt to get me together with friends. The new beta is awesome. I talked to the founder and he's updating new things in the app that will make the next version even better. This is going to be the future of o-authing calendars. I think Meekan was the first step, this is the 2nd layer of abstraction and a new type of user behavior that is likely to be embraced for its capability to be impromptu and still hit the calendar as an event.
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@datarade Thanks a lot for the hunt. Much appreciated. We wanted a simple and fast way to get people together while integrating smart analytics and integrations for places people love going to. iOS 10 gave us the perfect platform to do that with the iMessage apps. Since it's within people's workflow it removes the messiness of convincing friends to join another chat platform. As a nice sidenote, Apple is featuring us on the front page of the App Store for the iOS 10 launch so we're really humbled by that. Full Calendar integration is coming very soon. Which calendars would you like supported?
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@cturlica gcal and as well outlook. I have friends in legacy industries and they swear by outlook. Not sure if it's the same standard format at large... but yeah just supporting outlook and Google calendar would be great.
Love the iteration from the standalone app, planning something from iMessage is faster and smoother. Great work from a great team!
@mirceap Thanks Mircea! Should be out as soon as Apple starts pushing out iOS10 -- should be about now lol It's all built in React Native as well so we went a bit all out. What did you think of the new design?
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@cturlica Much cleaner than before! Looking forward to a Facebook Messenger version of Voo, hopefully it will be technically feasible soon :D
This is fantastic. Really excited to give it a try on IOS10! Will you be supporting iMessage on Mac as well? I often just text from my Mac.
Oh and where do you get your restaurant listings from? Just wondering if it'll work smoothly anywhere in the world.
@david_el_achkar thanks 😄 works on the mac just fine! And you can send plans to anyone even if they don't have iOS :)
@david_el_achkar it works on Google places so anywhere in the world pretty much 😄 what else would you like to see in the product?
Love the innovative approach to getting together plus iOS 10's new iMessage functionality. Voo might've just cracked the nut and I'm excited to use this! Great product, great team, only a matter of time before they get acquired or IPO!
@nickatloot Glad you find it useful Nick! We're working hard to make a good product for you guys. What else would you like to see in the product to make you like it even more?