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Volley has been the fastest way to get quick help on things. Now with the iPhone app, it's even quicker to get the help you need.
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Thanks for hunting @hnshah! 🎈 Since launching Volley’s web app at the end of June (http://www.producthunt.com/tech/...), we’ve been hard at work to bring the experience to mobile. Just like on the web, Volley for iPhone lets you post requests about a startup, programming, or design challenge you're facing and connect with relevant people who want to help. Our goal is for Volley to be top-of-mind when you’re looking for help from a real person, so naturally, it’s crucial that you’re able to ask for help when you’re on the go. We’re really proud of the fact that the iOS and web experiences work together seamlessly. This required a lot of tricky API work from @brendanlynch. Also, in the last two months, it wasn’t easy at times moving the web product forward at the same time as iOS - a huge shoutout to @davehariri for balancing the design of these two at once, as well as to Cory for his great execution. Finally, and most importantly, we’re super proud of Dan (@Cowfaboo) who is leading the development of Volley for iPhone and who continues to do a fantastic job. Mobile unlocks a lot of opportunities for Volley not possible on the web, which we're excited to continue to build on. We’d love your feedback and would be happy to answer any questions you guys have! Mike
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@mimurchison Kudos! Any plans for an Android app soon?
@mimurchison Congrats guys! Downloading this right now! 📲
@mimurchison I remember when you were just starting this off and told me about it on the Queens Startup Summit bus some time ago. It has come a long way and I'm honoured to be part of the product since early on, congrats!
@applecider_ thanks Dan - I remember that too! Similarly exciting to see how far you've come since then
Great team and product. Tdot represent.
If you're new here and on Android or PC, we also have a web app that works well in Chrome/Safari for Android, Mac, Windows and Atari. Point your phasers here: https://volley.works ✌🏼
Volley has an awesome community of people paying forward. I'm a fan and can't wait for the Android version to be out !