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Thanks for hunting us @hnshah. Hi everyone 👋I'm one of the founders of Volley. We're building a friendly place for helping others. You can read more about our mission and why we think our work is important here: https://medium.com/about-volley/... In the meantime, we thought fellow Product Hunters would be interested in helping some people with their product recommendation requests: Check it out 👉volley.works/topic/Product%20Recommendations We’d love your feedback and would be happy to answer any questions you guys have! Mike
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@mimurchison I'm really liking the new interface 👌. Great job guys!
@mimurchison Congrats Mike! Great to see fellow N36 Alumns doing some incredible things...let's get Volley going in the UK!
@mimurchison This looks awesome! What's the coolest request you've seen so far? Or the most engaging?
I've been using Volley for a few weeks now and the way they match people and also fulfill requests is impressive. It's like a personal assistant that helps you get help and help others out whenever you want.
@hnshah Agreed. I have totally enjoyed using it myself.
What is great about Volley is that it recognizes my need for human-to-human interaction in solving a wide variety of problems; there are so many challenges and questions that can only be addressed by talking to someone with experience. Volley does a beautiful job of hyper-connecting you to a reliable network of incredibly smart and relevant individuals to do this.
@myles_lane loving these endorsements! Adding them to our #positivity slack channel :)
@myles_lane totally agree, i feel it...
As a VC, I find Volley super helpful for doing DD on investment themes and products! Disclaimer: we invested in Volley and couldn't be more excited to be a part of the team's journey!
Been using volley for a few weeks and I've found the 2nd, 3rd + degree connections very helpful. It's similar to Quora but I think the private reply feature makes conversations much more personable. Really impressed by the quality of replies I've received on Volley. All the best!