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#4 Product of the DayJuly 10, 2014
The guys at Volley are relaunching today as an invite only community and are re-onboarding all the previous users at a new home (http://volley.works/). I got a sneak peek inside the product and they completely redesigned the experience. See previous hunt of the beta: http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
A little late to the party but nice to see this being worked on. I was telling someone the other day that there are 2 professional products I'd like to see. One that expands your network (CoffeeMe) and another that helps you utilize that network (Volley). Also like the switch to invite only for obvious reasons :)
@hsukenooi couldn't agree more. The dominant professional networking products of today were born in an era where networking itself was largely analog, taking place at conferences and events - where we connected first in person, and later online. These events are no longer the primary networking vehicles for the new generation. Today, it's far more common to connect digitally first, and in person second. I think it's this shift that has resulted in professional networking demands of this new generation differing from that of the previous one, and products like coffeeme garnering such attention.
Saw you guys pitch at CDL in Toronto. Loved the idea! Keep it up!
Thanks Rahul -- appreciate the support. We'll get you an invite :)