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would appreciate you guys feedback on our card based interface
I like the direction, @mimurchison, and appreciate tools that can help people help each other (e.g. Clarity.fm by @danmartell, posted here: http://producthunt.co/posts/701). TBH, I'm a bit unclear what the product does based on the landing page alone. Can you describe it a bit? Looking forward to signing up, although I'm at a coffee shop and don't feel comfortable entering a password through a non-SSL connection.
hey @rrhoover i've added a link to some pics and gifs of Volley.
we make it easy to tap into your community's social network for business introductions - we're like Tinder for Business
Sounds like there may be some overlap/partnership opportunities with CoffeeMe's (http://coffeeme.in, http://www.producthunt.co/posts/15) @hsukenooi. Where did the idea come from, @mimurchison?