Vojer Messenger

Turn your phone into a smart secure Walkie Talkie.

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It's hard enough to get friends and family to use a new communication app. Charging $1.99 makes this even more difficult.
@rrhoover Exactly...and it doesn't scream this is worth even "free" for me... to have a barrier to entry with no current very positive ratings seems misguided on their part.
@rrhoover @nicholassheriff No positive rating is due to the lack of tutorial. We are fixing that. As I commented below we don't compete with FB Messenger or Viber/Skype etc. We are in the same area as FireChat, but focused on a private and secure messaging. Locally (or hyperlocally). What I get from the comments is that our message on app positioning is not clear. How would you suggest to fix that? Any advice would be helpful
Interesting concept but horrible design by the looks of it
@adamcudworth Thanks Adam. How would you change the design to make it better? Maybe make the navigation explicit? What else?
@sergstartup I don't like the chat background color, doesn't sit nicely with the message colors and I would prefer the navigation bar to be more iOS like (explicit).
@adamcudworth Fair points. Thank you, Adam!
I've always had good experiences using HeyTell as a walkie with groups at events. Never sticks afterwards though.
@gerbz It looks like as it requires Internet connection. So HeyTell is in a bit different niche competing with What'sApp, Viber. BTW, Why did you choose HeyTell over Viber or WhatsApp? Both have PTT voice messaging, work over 3G and have more polished design..
@stevesi @rrhoover Thanks for starting the discussion and your feedback. Let me explain the story and idea that was behind the app. The idea was to allow people to communicate with others without Internet while travelling or camping in mountains, in subway or on conference, on natural disaster sites and so on. The key word here is - without Internet. It is similar to FireChat app but different in the way that communication is encrypted by default, no public chats with spam and noise. So it's not a replacement for WhatsApp or Viber et al. that one uses continuously all day. It's rather a companion one uses on situational basis. Monetization wise we didn't want to go with subscription. And we didn't want to go with ad banners either in order to make it free. I'd greatly appreciate your suggestions and ideas on how would you make it better.
Will share promo codes with Product Hunt community so that you can try it with you friends in exchange for your feedback. PM/tweet me to get codes for your team.