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Find your leads email address easily from a simple CSV file

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Hey everyone! We've simplified a lot the bulk search features on Norbert. Everything is automated and is processed in average 10 times faster. Would love to hear what you think about the tool! Best, Cyril
@cx42net awesome! I'm gonna test this out. Thanks for sharing Cyril
@simooncave You are welcome :) Feel free to share your experience and thank you for trying it :)
@cx42net I'm intrigued, but can't seem to quite understand what needs to be in the CSV
@romanzadyrako Yes I understand, I should be more clearer about what is expected :) I need a CSV file that contains, at least, the name of the person you are looking for (either one column or two (first + last)) and the domain name of the company). When you will upload the file, you will be able to then map which columns is what (full name, first name, last name, domain) and start the search. Once I have finished processing all the files, I'll send you an email with the number of emails found :)
@cx42net How is this different from emailhunter.co, clearbit.com, and rapleaf? What's your data source?
@datarade If I'm not mistaken, emailhunter scraps the web and store all the emails it can find along with the source. Clearbit has a contracts with social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, etc) to get the data from an email and Rapleaf does email verification (I just discovered Rapleaf, so sorry for my misinterpretation) With Norbert (and the massive tool), I generate a list of alternatives often used in companies and then query every email servers I can find related to the domain to verify that a specific email truly exists. I return advanced informations regarding that server (if it's a catch-all, a grey-listing, etc). Hope I answered your question :)
Great job !! Does this help to find people with their mail Id if not mentioned on social media network. Any product hunt discount coupons