Your voice collaboration platform

Voicea is the platform behind EVA, your Enterprise Voice Assistant.

Invite EVA to a meeting and EVA listens in, takes notes and identifies action items.

Following your meeting, the Voicea platform helps you organize, edit and share highlights to enable better post-meeting collaboration.

  • Rick Grago
    Rick GragoVisionary Member, Radiate Inc

    Simple Interface

    Works w/ several online meeting platforms

    Menu-driven sign up process

    Can be incorporated into calendar invites seamlessly


    Attendees may not like to have a meeting recorded

    I love the premise of this product and how it incorporates AI to

    transcribe and highlight key points. By doing so, it also provides

    an ability for meeting attendees to focus and remain present, since

    Eva gives them a record for review after the meeting as a means

    for capturing/highlighting key points that pertain to them. The voice

    activation and subsequent tools for highlighting, debriefing and

    review are all well designed. I look forward to recommending this to

    many business owners!

    Rick Grago has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Easy, fast, passive, helpful


    Not all the features work, cut off one call

    I love, love, love this tool. I used it on 5 calls today. The word cloud was very enlightening, and I love the search feature. The problems: The transcript feature didn't seem to work. There doesn't seem to be a way to add an agenda at the end even though it says you should. It wasn't intuitive to figure out where you could manually add a highlight (had to search for a word then the options would pop up). Several times I purposefully used the voice cues to highlight things. They disappeared after processing, though they were up there for a while.

    Beth Ziesenis has used this product for one day.
Hi @cory_treffiletti, I've been a huge fan of this concept and what it means for the future of work for enterprise knowledge workers. What would you say separates Voicera (fka Workfit) from the pack of other voice/meeting assistants (e.g. TalkIQ, Gong, VoiceOps, Chorus)?
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@joshvaldez Thanks Josh! We are really excited to have people helping us test it out!
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I love that someone hunted us out and posted us. I am Cory Treffiletti, CMO for Voicera. I want to add some info in here and get listed as a maker and add some stuff to the gallery, but it won't let me do so. If you need any information on Voicera and our Eva, in-meeting assistant, please let me know!
@cory_treffiletti I tried to sign up but when I get to the SMS phone page, I get a code, but it doesn't ask me to enter it anywhere and the "next" button is grayed out. FYI.
@anthonyonesto I am sorry that you are having some issues. This is a new one to me... can you send me a screenshot of the challenge and i will help you get it fixed asap? my email is coryt@voicera.ai.
@cory_treffiletti Looks resolved, thanks.
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One of my most wanted products! Do you support any other languages than English? Can Eva identify different persons speaking?
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@akesoft Right now we only support English, but that will likely expand this year. We are also about to roll out diarization and transcripts and that will allow you to see which speaking said what in the meeting. That should provide what you are looking for.
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Hi @ProductHunt community! We are looking to gather feedback on our in-meeting assistant, Eva. If you subscribe to us and test out the product we would really appreciate it. We are in an open beta, but we are willing to give away 100 complimentary accounts for your first 6 months of Eva when we do switch to a paid model sometime in Q1-Q2. Please reach out and let us know what you think!
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This is so cool. Used in on five meetings today. I'll keep using it, but it does have a few quirks. I left a review. This is tomorrow's newsletter topic! Thanks so much.
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@nerdybff Right on and thanks Beth! Please feel free to reach out directly and let us know any feedback you may have? We love to get that feedback so we can refine the platform quickly.