Add the whole speech to text experience from permissions to UI in minutes in Android or iOS apps with Algolia’s Voice Overlay, whether you use Algolia for search or not.

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Hey hunters, We’re excited to release Voice Overlay for Android and iOS devs, to provide tooling to add speech to text in their apps in minutes. One thing we heard often from developers was the number of steps they needed to perform to add speech to text to their apps. The Voice Overlay handles all of it--the permissions and UI, plus the handoff of information between the user and the native speech to text services. It’s fully customizable, and available for developers whether they use Algolia, another search provider, or no search at all. We're excited to get feedback from the PH community, especially those who are building for voice. We have a lot planned in the coming months and want to hear from you. Please tell us what you think! -Nicolas